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That Special Spot

For many, getting started and staying focused are the hardest parts of studying or getting work done- at any age. A designated work station is an essential part of the process. Yes, essential. Many of us live in apartments and homes with limited space and lots of people. So let’s take a few minutes to dig deep in to our creative minds and find that spot where you or your child can do important work. Putting thought into creating a Special Spot or as I have heard it called a Sacred Study Space, may just be the game changer you are looking for. Tailoring a space to the individual needs of the student or professional will

Reduce distraction Decrease the time spent on work or projects Improve self-esteem and confidence

So yes, the question is always WHERE? The challenge is to create a place to focus with minimal distraction and a place to go when you want to perform at your highest level. Sometimes, creating that place in a corner of the common space is all that is available. Start with a clear desk, or even folding card table with all the necessary supplies within reach. This centralized space for supplies can be a shoe box or a small plastic dresser with drawers. Put thought in to the space. Think about what can add to your success and what will empower you or your child to feel ownership over the space. Should you add…?

· A whiteboard · Sticky notes · A corkboard · Noise cancelling earphones · Favorite poster or clear walls · Music without lyrics · A garbage can · A favorite water bottle

Remember to do a weekly maintenance of the space to throw out old papers and trash and restock supplies. When the space is created with intention then there is a sense of ownership and a greater desire to maintain it.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your child!

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