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"...partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." 2019

ADHD / Executive Function Coaching for Students

Smooth the bumpy road to success...


School comes with time commitments, heavy course loads and high expectations that can be a burden for students and their families. Students who have Executive Function challenges with or without ADHD may experience greater struggles than their peers. Creating organizational systems, maintaining order, managing time, completing their schoolwork, and still enjoying some leisure time may seem impossible.

Learn practical tools and strategies that help students cooperate and perform to their potential. Elana will help your student leverage the latest research and evidence based practices and discover how to:

  • Create study routines and a conducive study environment.

  • Overcome procrastination and avoid distractions to improve time management.

  • Plan, prioritize, and break down projects/tasks into manageable parts.

  • Organize and maintain backpack, assignments, and materials.

  • Develop effective and efficient study, note taking, and test-taking strategies.

  • Create personalized writing systems.


Helping students and adults effectively meet today’s challenges with tools that last a lifetime…

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ADHD / Executive Function Coaching for Parents

Wasn’t parenting supposed to be fun and full of laughter and joy?


Parenting isn’t easy and there is no instruction manual. Some children are more complex and behave and learn differently than we expected. For many kids managing emotions, time, and their belongings can be a struggle. Following instructions, planning, initiating, and completing tasks can be the source of frustration and stress for the entire family.

Let’s work together to reduce conflict and to find a new sense of calm while we create a positive connection between parent and child through improved communication and cooperation.


Research shows that parent education and coaching are crucial components in the treatment of children with ADHD and other challenging behaviors.


ADHD / Executive Function Coaching for Adults and Professionals

Do you need strategies and tools to help you carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal-oriented and timely fashion?


In close partnership, Elana will help you maintain focus to achieve identified goals, translate abstract goals into concrete actions, build motivation and learn practical skills and initiate change in your daily life. ADHD and Executive Function coaching (EFC) uses practical, structured, and scientifically supported coaching methods to help clients improve


·        Time management

·        Calendar Management

·        Productivity

·        Organization

·        Prioritizing and planning

·        Impulse control

·        Self-regulation

·        Social skills

·        Problem solving & Decision making

·        Working memory

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…as well as other factors that help improve work performance and quality of life.

Coaching helps to develop realistic goals through individually tailored strategies and enables the client to use his strengths and new techniques to stay on task and get things done faster.


Implementing an Executive Function Approach in the Classroom:
Teaching Teachers

Are you an educator? A tutor? A classroom teacher?  


Learn instructional strategies and implement an Executive Function approach in your lessons and in your classroom. 


All students can benefit from structured lessons and classroom space designed to enhance their learning experience, motivation and their ability to complete tasks.

Significant numbers of students in every learning environment struggle with Executive Dysfunction, Attention Deficit, and learning challenges. From staying on task to switching gears or listening to directions, some of his biggest educational stumbling blocks lay in his mastery of Executive Functions. While intervention can be difficult, creating a classroom environment sensitive and responsive to these common issue benefits all students, even those without executive function issues. Techniques that include scaffolding to improve time management, problem solving, homework management, and communication can be integrated into instructional practices.

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