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Meet Elana

Certified ADHD and Executive Function Coach

As a certified ADHD Coach, I am trained to provide evidence- based strategies for managing ADHD across the lifespan. I work one-on-one and in small groups with my clients to overcome emotional, behavioral, relationship and achievement challenges to improve productivity and to help you reach your potential.


You see, before I trained to be an ADHD Coach, I focused my career as a corporate trainer and then a home and office Professional Organizer and Executive Function Coach. As an Organizer and Executive Function Coach I have always believed that the ability to organize space is not limited to physical decluttering and to creating an aesthetic environment – Although boy do I love that part!!!

I have learned over the years to support my clients’ success in creating systems of organization that my clients can maintain independently, while always being committed to honing my skills and staying up to date on best practices. Combining Executive Function Coaching in to every organizing job and work relationship has been important to me and I believe why my clients choose me.

Many, if not most of my clients as an Organizer, have difficulties with managing the challenges and complications of daily life that include organization, time management, and the ability to stay focused on their goals. Within many of the households there is someone with ADHD or ADHD like symptoms and that inspired me!

SIMPLY PUT, it is my commitment to helping every client with the highest level of personalized support that inspired me to complete the certification as an ADHD coach.

Are you ready to reach your potential, too?

Elana Maimon, ADHD-CCSP 

BS and MA from New York University

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