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Executive Function Challenges for Parents and Teachers

Do you have a child with organizational challenges?
Come learn what to say and not to say...

Join us to learn techniques to help you guide your child and create family routines that will strengthen Executive Function Skills. Help yourself and your child avoid frustration, plan and prioritize, set attainable goals, manage and limit distractions, and increase productivity.

Organizational & Study Skills for Students

In groups of up to eight, participants enjoyed proven techniques to help students plan and execute tasks, manage time effectively, and maintain order.


Through interactive exercises the participants were introduced to:
The Brain - How it processes information and completes tasks, Learning Styles, Memory Tricks, Planning and Goal setting, Time Management, Note Taking, and Listening Skills.


Do you wish your child was more organized, managed school materials and homework better, procrastinated less, had better study habits, completed tasks in a single sitting, was simply more productive…

Time Management

Are you sometimes conflicted about what to do when? Do you feel like you sometimes struggle to decide what you need or want to do? Spend your time on what really matters and work more efficiently. Manage your tasks, responsibilities, goals and deadlines.

The Organized Child

How can I help my child become more organized? How can I nurture a more peaceful parent-child dynamic?

Learn how to help yourself or your child with…

  • Prioritizing and planning skills

  • Time management

  • Memorization

  • Minimizing distractions and improved focus

  • Managing space and belongings

Executive Function Skills Workshop for Educators

Learn new tools and approaches that allow you to effectively integrate new understandings of the relationship between Executive Function skills and academic success into your teaching practice. In this workshop you will be given a deep understanding of what the Executive Functions are as well as many effective tips and tools that you can easily implement in the classroom.  Included are techniques for:

  • Planning and prioritizing

  • Managing emotions

  • Improving communication

  • Developing stress tolerance

  • Building time management skills

  • Increasing sustained attention

  • Boosting working memory

Gain new best practices to help your students overcome Executive Functioning deficits and improve their self-esteem and organizational abilities.

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