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Meet Alon. Let me share a success story.

Alon makes me proud. He makes his parents very proud. He is in his early twenties and has finished his army service. He is warm and considerate and very motivated to be the best he can be, physically, socially and emotionally. He works hard to understand the challenge that attention deficit has created in his life especially with the difficulties he had in school. He is known by his peers to be super caring and is a very dedicated son. It has been my privilege to coach him and watch him grow and apply the many skills we have discussed and practiced.

During this 2020 lockdown he, like the rest of us, has been looking for activities to do at home and has participated in some family activities as well. While puzzles had been frustrating for him and may not have been his favorite pass time in the past, the family has taken to completing large puzzles together. Yes, we must be grateful for the good parts of the year 2020 that has redefined family time for some fortunate families. So now in his early twenties, in an effort to fill time during the lockdown, Alon purchased a challenging many thousand piece Lego set and built it by carefully following the step by step directions booklet that came with set. This is an ideal exercise in developing the executive functions and understanding and following the small steps to complete a large goal. Alon felt a huge sense of accomplishment when he completed the construction of the complicated model. This was a task he never would have had the patience and motivation to complete before.

So here is the important part of the story. A friend asked Alon to borrow a large puzzle that the family had completed but expressed the frustration associated with the task and the challenge that continued focus and the necessary perseverance would present. Alon had a realization through the process of the Lego experience and was able to apply that to assist his friend.

The Lego set came with a written step by step process with the necessary pieces for each step in an individual bag. This made the large task a set of smaller specific, measurable, and attainable goals. REMEMBER THOSE WORDS! All goals should be specific, measurable and attainable.

Alon then divided and bagged the puzzle pieces into categories to model the Lego experience. He did this in order to help his friend experience the puzzle with smaller specific, measurable and attainable goals ending in the completion of a larger goal, in this case the puzzle.

There is no greater joy for me as a coach than to hear that a client is enjoying success, applying techniques, and sharing them with others!

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